Crush #17

I was in High School. I was in love with her, but I never told her. We were not even friends, just classmates, we talked only every now and then. Sometimes she didn’t even say hello. That day, I saw her walking alone to the bus stop. I said hi. I decided that I wanted to talk to her, but I didn’t know how to do that. And just when I wanted to say something less stupid than just hi, then it started to rain. Very hard. We ran together to the bus stop, getting drenched. She was laughing all the time. We finally got to the bus stop. Her clothes and her hair were all wet, she looked more beautiful than ever. She said to me, that was amazing, wasn’t it. I will never forget that smile. I wanted to say something else, but then her bus came. It was a different bus than mine. She left. The next day, she was back to her normal self, not even saying hello. I prayed for another rain, but it never came. It was just sunny days from then on.


About Tom C

Teacher, translator, perhaps writer.
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