Making a documentary

Making a documentary is hard. There is so much work involved. So many things that can go wrong. And all the time you think, is this really worth it? What is really what I want to say?

I directed a few animation and fiction films. But working from a script is easier. It also involves a lot of work, of course, and there are always things that can go wrong, but is not as unpredictable as life. And to make a documentary is to try to capture life.

It is even more complicated when the theme we want to talk about is complex in itself. I want to make a documentary about love, about the feeling of love, about the origins of the feeling of love. Isn’t it such a vast theme? Is it  really possible to do a film about it?

I don’t really know, but, at least in my case, if I make a documentary it is because I want to find answers, to learn things that I don’t know. And I suppose that is the main reason why I want to make this movie. To try to understand why people feel the way they feel, or to understand my own feelings. Isn’t this enough reason to make a film? Is it?



About Tom C

Teacher, translator, perhaps writer.
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