Philosophy and love

Someone sent me a link for a book about “great philosophers who failed at love“. I’m not sure what to make of it.

It is true that many philosophers, despite their great intelligence, had a complicated love life, to say the least. Nietzsche never married. Schopenhauer’s most faithful companion was a poodle, or rather a series of poodles. Rousseau abandoned wife and kids. Etc, etc.

But so what? That does not necessarily mean that they did not understand love more than any of us. I am sure that they did — but only in theory. In practice, even for them, love was complicated.

Or maybe they were just not that handsome or attractive. After all, it is true that women tend to like more the sportive, outgoing guys than the nerdy introvert philosopher types. Maybe if they used their time to practice some sport, as in the video below, they would have better luck.


About Tom C

Teacher, translator, perhaps writer.
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