The future is dumb

Professor Satoshi Kanazawa is on the news again, with a study showing that intelligent women tend to have less children. And the reason, according to him, is that they decide it is not worth the time and effort. So, according to the professor at the London School of Economics, “intelligent people are the ultimate losers”, for they are losing in the game of the perpetuation of the species. In other words, dumber people tend to have more kids, so the future is theirs. If anyone has seen the beginning of the film “Idiocracy“, this is the process that Mr. Kanazawa is describing. (Don’t bother watching the rest of the movie, it’s not worth it. But those first two minutes are pretty good.)

Mr. Kanazawa has confirmed an interview with us for our documentary “Crush” to talk about love from the point of view of evolutionary psychology, given that we can get to London at some point, or fly him to L.A. if we ever get money for that. Please support our movie by contributing to the Kickstarter campaign, or donating through PayPal.

If you want kids, marry a dumb blonde?


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