No country for young men

I am reading about the shooting in the Los Angeles airport. I lived for four years in L.A. and might still return, because it is still part of my life, while Italy isn’t. Italy, I realize now, is the past. It is a beautiful country and you can eat better here than anywhere else, but I understand now that my nostalgia was not about Italy at all, it was about a certain life I lived here which is now irrevocably lost. It’s OK, everything in life is but a brief dream, and the only constant is change. We must march on, like soldiers in the trenches, jumping over the bodies of the dead.  

Italy has a population growth rate of only 1.4, below replacement level. The small village I am right now in is cute, but inhabited mostly by old people, and this is increasingly true of the whole country I am afraid. This is no country for young men. They have no work and many are migrating elsewhere in Europe, mostly England and Germany.

But is life in the USA healthier for young people? I am not really sure. Now yet another young man (seemingly of Italian origin, judging by the surname Ciancia), someone who had more opportunities than most of us, has just shot some TSA agents in the airport, one fatally, and is currently in custody. There is something about America today that feeds paranoia, rage, fear and violence. No, this is not about guns or gun laws. Other countries have guns but they do not have so many of such events. There is something about American life that breeds rage and frustration in lonely young men.

Apparently his motive was that he was “disappointed with the government”, which is strange, because anyone with any sense would not put any hopes in any government at all. I am a firm believer that the less government, the better (I am an anarchist of sorts). But it is true that, as the NSA spying scandal and the Obamacare fiasco show, Government in America is becoming increasingly totalitarian and invasive, and the country is losing its identity in the midst of massive illegal immigration. America is the new Rome, it is slowly falling, a decadent Empire.  

I will be in Rome next week and I will take pictures of ancient Roman monuments and think of the similar fate that awaits America, should it not be careful.



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